Försters Kryptoportraits sind ebenso vielschichtig wie ihre Werkgruppe visaturé. Den Ausgangspunkt des kreativen Prozesses bilden immer ganz bestimmte Menschen. Die feinnervigen Farbstiftzeichnungen verdichten sich schließlich zu subtil reduzierten Erkundungen einzelner Charaktere.


„Zwischen Offenlegen und Verbergen findet die Künstlerin zu Chiffren, die archetypisch anmuten und zugleich wesenhaft für das Individuum stehen“.

Dr. Harald Tesan


Marion Förster – ENIGMI

Arte Borgo Gallery

Arte Borgo Gallery is located in Rome in the heart of the Borgo district, a stone’s throw from the Vatican City.

The Borgo district, a small district of Rome, has for years maintained its popular character still linked to the past with many shops and artisans and it is precisely here that Anna Isopo, President of the Association and passionate gallery owner, takes care of promoting, enhancing and disseminate Art and Culture in all its forms, contributing to the cultural life of the City.

The Borgo Gallery Art Space becomes an exhibition center for solo or group exhibitions, welcoming dynamic projects, events and cultural events curated by the Art Manager Alessandra Esposito, promoting Art in all its Expressions.

Thanks to the professionalism of experts and creative curators, Arte Borgo Gallery offers artists the opportunity to ensure that their art is valued throughout the exhibition itinerary, from the selection of works to the diffusion of the event.

Lovers of Art and proud of the historical setting that characterizes this place, with a strong link between the past and the present, this Space will welcome you even if only to stop and reflect in front of the vision of the Works on display.

ENIGMI | Borgo Gallery | Rom | 2023 | Marion Förster


Marion Förster – SOLILOQUIO

Curated by Anna Isopo
Presentation by the art historian Martina Scavone

Temple of Pomona
Via Roberto il Guiscardo, 2 – SALERNO
17 | 28 June 2023
Opening: Saturday June 17th at 5:00 pm
Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday, h. 12pm – 7pm
Info: ARTE BORGO GALLERY 345-22.28.110 info@arteborgo.it

Soliloquio is the title of the new exhibition organized by Anna Isopo of Arte Borgo Gallery hosted in the prestigious venue of the Temple of Pomona in Salerno from 17 to 28 June.
Located in the historic center of Salerno near the Duomo, the Temple is dedicated to the goddess Pomona. It will frame the works of thirty-four artists from different countries, and will give life to an important driving force of knowledge and sharing of current issues, addressed with different expressive languages. The title intends to underline, swinging between abstraction and figuration, between experience and reality, the cathartic energy that explodes from the works presented.
In “Soliloquio” the reflection digs into the unconscious, manifesting sensations modified by everyday life. Detailed figures and instinctive abstracts create a dichotomy that accompanies the observer, who chooses to grasp aspects between a past and a present in dynamism between them and towards the outside.

Artists: Tatiana An, Axel Becker, Marek & Magda Boguszak, Lesley Bunch, Lexygius Calip, Conie, Josine Dupont, Antonio Esposito, Marion Förster, Goldyn, Anais Grumieaux, Monika Hartl, Haya Kim, Sophie Klewiec, Monika Kropshofer, Silvana Landolfi, Lola Llinares, Andréa Lobel, Olja Mesec, Kees Oosting, Ada Pasta, Albina Rolsing, Maria Regina Ruiz, Camelia Sadovei, Ursa Schoepper, Przemko Stachowski, Joakim Sederholm, Klàra Sedlo, Ekaterina Sinyakova, Maria Stamati, Emma Testa, Anna Tonelli, Holger Triltsch, Véronique Vallet.

Soliloquio | Salerno 2023 | Marion Förster


Marion Förster – Participation in „Contemporary Icons“

An exhibition at the Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana

The prestigious halls of the Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana will be the setting for the exhibition ‚Contemporary Icons‘, a significant title chosen for the exhibition project of different international artists, in which the work of art represents a map and every detail is a trace of the artist and his identity. There is a synergetic relationship between artist, work and viewer: the desire to express and the pleasure of discovery.

„Curiosity is one of the surest and surest characteristics of an active intellect,“ said critic Samuel Johnson, and in this concept the artist and the viewer of a work of art find themselves: the former in the originality of expression, the latter in the discovery of characteristics and the pleasure of knowledge.

Contemporary Icons | Marion Förster
Palazzo Cancelleria Vaticana | Contemporary Icons | Marion Förster